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Kelly Headshot

Kelly Rains

Production Manager

Kelly Rains is the central hub at PIKA Industries Marketing, which virtually every project rotates around. As production manager her expertise is in moving projects from concept to completion and knowing the status of each along the way. If you are looking for information about your project or have questions or change in scope, Kelly is your go to resource.


Kelly has worked in the oil and gas industry for over twenty years. A Wichita, KS native, Kelly not only knows the inner workings of the independent oil and gas industry but also personally knows many of the key players working in the lower 48. As operations manager for the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association, Kelly organized and made it happen. From special events and trade shows to newsletters and social media, Kelly has been a critical fixture in mid-continent oil and gas for decades.


Kelly's other industry passions include serving as president of the Petroleum Women's Group, President of Desk and Derrick Club of Wichita, and serving as the treasurer of the KIOGA Educational Foundation.


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